SDA defends arrested radical Jasmin Mulahusić: He publishes his own, not SDA's views

Every individual, including Jasmin Mulahusić, has the right to political affinities and sympathies, and to publicly express their views, the SDA said

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Jasmin Mulahusić

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The official positions of the SDA are published exclusively through party statements, and through media appearances of leading people and other party officials, the party said.

- Jasmin Mulahusić, who was deprived of liberty by the Prosecutor's Office of B&H due to posts on the social network Facebook, publishes his own, not the views of the SDA.

His own attitudes

Every individual, even Jasmin Mulahusić, has the right to political affinities and sympathies, and to publicly express their own views. The right to freedom of speech is one of the basic principles of any democratic society. The SDA strongly supports this principle, even though the leaders and officials of this party are the most frequent targets of fierce attacks, insults, hate speech and telling untruths of political competition on social networks and in the media.

In B&H, no one should be arrested because his views are disliked by Police Minister Čampara, his party chief Konaković, state prosecutor Tadić, several self-proclaimed analysts or a group of biased journalists, some of whom Čampara has employed in federal institutions, the SDA said.

The statement said that "thousands of people post comments and express their views on social networks and portals on a daily basis."

- Anyone who possibly violates the law in these posts should be sanctioned, but a dangerous transplant of "selective verbal offense" and the arrest of people that Čampara, Konaković and Tadić point the finger at must not be allowed.

Double standards

Therefore, the public rightly expects a public explanation from the Prosecutor's Office of B&H as to why Mulahusić was specifically arrested, and why Milorad Dodik, who repeatedly shamelessly insulted Bosniaks and Muslims,has not been arrested, or hundreds of other people who publish similar comments on social networks every day and deny the genocide in Srebrenica.

The law must be applied equally to everyone, everything else is an unacceptable political abuse of the Prosecutor's Office of B&H and the continuation of double standards in relation to Bosniaks, which we have been witnessing for a long time - the SDA said in a statement.


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