Radončić: There is much more at stake than the Election Law

Compromise is the mother of all successes, Radončić wrote on Instagram

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Nelson, Radončić, Palmer, Kojović, Magazinović and Konaković

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The President of the Alliance for a Better Future (SBB), Fahrudin Radončić, posten on his Instagram profile after today's meeting with the US envoy in charge of reforming the B&H Election Law, Matthew Palmer.

- There is much more at stake than the election law. If our politicians do not understand that the American mediation rope for reaching a compromise agreement on changing the Election Law is the last chance for stabilization and a more secure future for B&H, the consequences will be incalculable.

By the end of the year, the public and international partners will understand who are really power-loving populists, selfish leaders and sick careerists who publicly or secretly want a triple division, and who are politicians with full state responsibility towards a difficult historical challenge and citizens.

  • Palmer, Radončić and Nelson

    Palmer, Radončić and Nelson

    Foto: Instagram

And, whose priority is a stable Bosnia and Herzegovina, harmonized interethnic relations, economic development, stopping the division of B&H, peace, regional and Euro-Atlantic integration before positions or ideological interests.

Compromise is the mother of all successes.

We have a potent negotiating platform. Thank you, Mr. Palmer and Mr. Nelson, for their exceptional work, diplomatic innovation and persistence - Radončić wrote on Instagram.

And yesterday, Radončić, like other party presidents, had a longer working breakfast "in private" with Palmer and Nelson.

  •  Fahrudin Radončić's post on Instagram

    Fahrudin Radončić's post on Instagram

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