Salvation for returnees: Radončić proposed a constructive idea to help Bosniaks in RS

As Mr. Radončić said, people should be given a stick and taught how to fish, not given already cooked fish, said Mirsad Duratović

N. Aj.

Fahrudin Radončić, leader of the Alliance for a Better Future (SBB) of B&H, met today with representatives of municipal assemblies in Republic of Srpska and the dismissed president of the Srebrenica Municipal Assembly, Ćamil Duraković.

- Today, it was important to talk to real, legitimate representatives of Bosniaks from RS. My suggestion was that the money going there be under their maximum control and that they direct it. A lot of money went because people from Sarajevo thought they knew the needs of returnees better than the people who live there and today I told them some of my ideas on how to do it. And that is that the percentages, which I am sure will be adopted at the level of the Federation, 1 or 2 percent, or at the level of Sarajevo Canton and Tuzla Canton, will be spent for the people in RS in the best possible way - said Radončić after the meeting.

He added that in in order to have a better life, salvation is now crucial for Bosniak returnees.

Unity of political subjects

- We must minimize quarrels and political differences, and I hope that with one regulatory agency, which they would create, regardless of their name, we will have a more efficient use of those funds and money after 25 years. I am sure that all parties will vote in the Federal Parliament, that these two cantonal assemblies will support it, and I am sure that we now have the unity of all political entities and persons in RS to make a new step forward, situation and innovation that will help people stay there and for that money to be better spent - Radončić concluded.

Ćamil Duraković said that, first of all, they met the highest political authorities about the general political situation in RS.

- It is not good at all, and here it is not good in the country either. Obviously this is reflected. What we received as a positive answer is primarily the budget segment or finances that are necessary for the survival of returnees in that area, and for the first time we are talking about a permanent budget item of representatives of the Federation and certain cantons that will have a fixed percentage of budget allocations. We expect other political leaders to accept that as well. And the second is the common story of the pro-Bosnian parties for the next elections in 2022, where there is a positive climate that this time we are all in it together. You know we've had problems in the past. All leaders support that and it is a great encouragement for all of us who live in those areas and who will vote and be elected - Duraković pointed out.

From today's meeting of SBB leader Fahrudin Raodnčić with representatives of Bosniaks from RS. A. Kauković

Possibility of earning

Mirsad Duratović, President of the Assembly of the City of Prijedor, after the meeting with the leader of SBB, emphasized that he mostly talked about the fact that the only way and possibility for returnees to stay in places of return to RS is to ensure their existence.

- And that a significant part of the funds, those that are planned to be separated, should be invested and directed to the economy and agriculture. We did not come to ask for alms, sergius or hedias. I, put the main emphasis, as well as Mr. Radončić, as a man who comes from the economy and business, and I think he understands very well what we are talking about, on the need to make connections between producers of returnees in RS and processors of these products and consumers in the Federation - said Duratović.

He pointed out that everything that returnees produce in RS in a year, the Sarajevo Canton will eat in seven days.

- People should be given the opportunity to work and earn a living, and not to wait from a public call to a public call for some hedia of the Federal Ministry that is spent in a few days, and the sustainability of return is not achieved. People should be given the opportunity to work, as Mr. Radončić said, people should be given a stick and taught how to fish, not given already cooked fish - Duratović concluded.

Earlier, representatives of municipal assemblies in RS and the dismissed president of the Srebrenica Assembly Ćamil Duraković met with B&H Presidency Chairman Željko Komšić and the leader of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) and Speaker of the House of Peoples of the B&H Parliamentary Assembly Bakir Izetbegović, and they will meet with People and Justice (NiP) leader Elmedin Konaković.