Muriz Memić testified before the Court of B&H: For six years I have been wondering how Zijad mutap ended up with Dženan's mobile phone

I asked her then if Alisa Mutap was questioned. She told me that she was not, that she was in an informative conversation, and Ifet Feraget, a lawyer, told me that it was impossible, said Muriz Memić

Muriz Memić. My cousin gave me a mobile phone which Dženan had. M. Aščić

A. Kapo

The trial of Alisa Ramić-Mutap, her father Zijad Mutap, two police officers Josip Barić and Hasan Dupovac, and Muamer Ožegović, an employee of the Chrystal Hotel from which surveillance cameras recorded everything, continued today with questioning of Muriz Memić, a Prosecution witness.

These are the accused of covering up the murder of Dženan Memić on February 8, 2016 in Ilidža.

Alisa Mutap - Ramić leaves the Court of B&H. M. Aščić

In an almost two-hour testimony, Muriz Memić told the course of events, from the moment he was informed that Dženan Memić, his son, had been killed.

Muriz said that he immediately went to KCUS, where he found Zijad Mutap and Josip Barić.

- My cousin gave me a mobile phone which Dženan had. A cousin took the phone from Zijad Mutap. For six years I have been wondering how Zijad mutap ended up with Dženan's mobile phone - said Muriz Memić.

He added that approaching Zijad Mutap and Barić from behind, he heard them say that Alisa could not be hit by a vehicle and that she was threatened. He then talked to Dr. Alija Čeljo, who told him that the situation was difficult, that Dženan had a hematoma on his brain, that they had to open his skull and that the operation would take four or five hours.

He had seen Alisa as she came out of the hospital in a wheelchair, covered with a blanket.

- Ariana asked Alisa how the car hit them. She replied, "Who told you we were hit by a car?" - Memić remembers.

Furthermore, Muriz found out that a pistol, caliber 6.35 millimeters, was found near Dženan and he did not know that he owned it. At first, Barić did not give him any information.

- He later told me "that this lady is messing around".

Subsequently, the keys of the vehicle that Dženan parked near the "Casa Grande" on the fateful night were also taken from the police station. In those days, he said, he saw Zijad Mutap on several occasions. He learned that Alisa's ex-boyfriend had threatened Dženan.

- Zijo swore to me with Allah that he had nothing to do with it. I told him - just tell me the name, I will protect Alisa - said Memić.

He also remembered the moment Alisa was at his house. According to him, when she wanted to leafe, she suddenly bent down to put on her shoes.

- I asked the doctor if someone who has a concussion could do something like that and I was told that it is impossible - says Memić

Particularly shocking was the part of the testimony in which Muriz recalled seeing Dženan in the hospital.

- His head was wrapped, he was on the machines. Except for the bandage on his head, everything looked normal. I uncovered him, he had no other injuries, just bruises on his fingers.

The second hearing is over. M. Aščić

Every day, at 6 PM, they went to visit Dženan. The nurse told them to talk to him because he could hear them.

- I called him "Jara." He shrugged. After that, there was a brother-in-law whom he squeezed by the hand - Muriz said crying.

On February 15, his phone rang. The doctor told him that she was sorry, but that Dženan had passed away.

- I just said "okay." Everyone was with me, Arijana, my wife. I told them to call an ambulance - says Muriz.

He emphasized that the police did not look for him until February 17, 2016, after Dženan's funeral. He was then told that they had taken over the case. Earlier, on February 9th, Dženan's phone was turned on in the house. They found the messages Dženan was exchanging with Alisa.

- Dženan wrote to her: "You will not meet with them", to which she wrote to him "Well, hey, Dženan."

Metal bar

Memić recalled a meeting with then SC MUP inspector Olga Vukša.

- She told me that she attended the autopsy and that Dženan was hit with a metal bar that has a thicker end, 18 millimeters thick - Muriz said.

He said that Vukša later told him the same thing and that she added that they just couldn't determine whether it was one blow or more.

- She told me he was hit with a wheel or water key.

It was also strange to Muriz that everyone was interested in the gun that was found near Dženan and that he received the answer that "the other side is interested in him". Answering numerous questions from prosecutor Dubravko Čampara, Muriz emphasized that he was more than close with Dženan and that he would know that he had a problem with someone.

Muriz Memić recounted a conversation with Dalida Burzić: "I won't give her away", Burzić said about Alisa Mutap. M. Aščić

He was first pinned by a vehicle, then hit

In the meantime, they found a CD in the house. It is a recording from the residence of Kuwait that was sent by a son-in-law who works in the Canadian police. The video shows the vehicle, but they could not determine the color and markings. He told then head of the criminal police of the SC Ministry of the Interior, Džafer Hrvat, about the recording, who asked him if he gave the recording to anyone. Muriz said no.

- He said this was a murder. He had information that Dženan was first pinned by a vehicle, and that after that someone got out of the vehicle and hit him - says Memić.

He also recalled the meeting with the then commissioner of the SC Ministry of the Interior, Vahid Ćosić.

- On February 29, 2016, he told me that this was a brutal murder and that he would punish the perpetrator with the greatest punishment - said Memić.

At the beginning of March, he tried to meet with prosecutor Meris Ćato, who, as he concluded, avoided him.

Muriz, among other things, talked about the meeting with Dalida Burzić, the then chief prosecutor of the Cantonal Prosecutor's Office in Sarajevo, who then told him that she was sorry.

Jurisdiction of the court

Prior to the commencement of testimony, the jurisdiction of the Court in this case was discussed. Judge Branko Perić, after the presentation of the Prosecution and the Defense, ruled that the Court of B&H has jurisdiction in this case. In his explanation, Perić stated, among other things, that B&H is a candidate for accession to the European Union, and the functionality of the judiciary is important in that procedure. Perić stated that international reports also stated that Dženan and David Dragičević were persons who were not from criminal organizations, and that the mentioned cases were unresolved.

- That compromised the judiciary and caused damage to B&H. That is the main fact - said Perić.