Drama in Sarajevo: Meho threatened his wife, and after that his brother-in-law attached him to a vehicle, dragged him ten meters, and the police rescued him

Meho Korać suffered minor injuries

The street where the incident happened. Avaz

B. C.

Members of the Sarajevo Center police department yesterday detained Meho Korać (27) from Sarajevo for endangering the safety of his wife M.B. The incident happened in the very center of Sarajevo. Korać clung to the vehicle in which his wife and father came.

He was rescued, as the "Avaz's" portal unofficially learns, by the police after his brother-in-law dragged him several meters in a vehicle.

Released today

As lawyer Duško Tomić confirmed for the "Avaz's" portal, Korać was interrogated, after which he was released today.

Tomić confirmed to us that Korać was recently released from custody after agreeing to a year in prison for endangering the safety of his wife M.B., with whom he is divorcing and has two children.

- The woman he is divorcing came yesterday by car with his father. Meho came to take the children and allegedly told her father: "I should have killed you last time". However, it was determined that this was not the case, and I took him out of custody ten minutes ago, that is, he was released to defend himself. The incident happened yesterday behind the BBI Center, Meho suffered minor injuries, the driver stepped on the gas unprovoked and dragged him ten meters and Meho ended up in the emergency room - Tomić told "Avaz".

The evidence does not indicate that there were any threats

Attorney Tomić added that he is not convinced that the evidence they have can confirm the suspicion that a criminal offense of endangering security was committed.

- I had a conversation with the prosecutor and the evidence and video surveillance footage, and there were several witnesses, indicate that there is no question of a threat - Tomić said.