He scares local politicians with ambassadors: Almir Džuvo wants the seat of ISA director against the law

The Act on ISA clearly stipulates that the director's mandate lasts four years and can be renewed only once

Džuvo: Playing the card of obvious fraud. Avaz

Miralem Aščić

The worn-out policeman Almir Džuvo has been lobbying foreigners for months to be the new/old director of the Intelligence and Security Agency (ISA) and to replace his former head of operations and monitoring in this agency, Osman Mehmedagić Osmica, the private militiaman of the Izetbegović couple!

Džuvo heavily lobbies US Ambassador Michael Murphy and Great Britain Ambassador Julian Reilly to support him for this position, although he hides that the ISA Act strictly prohibits him from being appointed the head of this service for the third time.

A distinguished diplomat

In fact, Džuvo, through local staff close to the ambassadors, is playing the card of obvious fraud and deception.

Namely, the Law on ISA, more specifically Article 26, clearly stipulates that the director's mandate lasts four years and can be renewed only once, which effectively eliminates him from the race for this leading position.

The worn-out Džuvo, who was the head of the ISA for almost 12 years and whose work was accompanied by serious affairs, is trying in every way to get hold of this very powerful position and to be the new John Edgar Hoover (John Hoover; was the head of the FBI almost half a century).

This is a man who is close to Zlatko Lagumdžija, the former leader of the SDP, who is now being tried by certain structures, like a torn rag, to hold up to Nermin Nikšić so that the Eight would propose him as director.

And Džuvo, as an old intelligence officer prone to deception and fraud, wants to portray himself as a serious candidate for this position through certain media with spin-regime tricks, with the story that he is an experienced police officer.

Facsimile of the ISA Act: Limits the term of office of directors. Avaz

However, in one of the two strongest leadership parties, the future authorities certainly have objections to Džuvo's almost 12 years of work, and they are concerned with the fact that, as is heard, key evidence of the killing and mistreatment of civilians under the JCE has disappeared.

That is why there are those who claim that Dragan Čović and the HDZ BiH stand behind Džuvo, supposedly the most serious candidate, with very precise reasons and a desire to repay him.

The key point here is that, although Džuvo abuses Murphy by claiming that he has his support, Murphy, who rightly follows a legalistic course in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a respected diplomat, can hardly go against the will of his government and even more difficult can he knowingly violate the Law on ISA which eliminates Džuvo and other džuvo's from getting the agency's decades-long megapower.

That is why it is important that after the candidate status, the BiH Council of Ministers, which appoints the directors of ISA, raises the bar of legality and ends illegal behavior in the work of the intelligence service.

CIA wanted Džuvo to leave

It is interesting that in 2014, the CIA asked Džuvo to leave the position of director of ISA because he was in a technical mandate for a year and a half, and in total he was in the position of director for 11.5 years. Then it was suggested to the authorities that BiH does not need a new "Hoover" case.

Džuvo had the respect of Western agencies and the CIA, but the US government put democratic principles first. Then a deal was made with the help of local security authorities for Džuvo to go to Brussels and settle his existence in the most correct way.

He was the only head of the intelligence service in the world with two citizenships, because, apart from BiH passport, he also has a Croatian passport, although he was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina.