Zukan Helez on the announcement of the SDA rebellion: These are not patriots, they care about positions

You cannot be a patriot only if you are a minister or director, you cannot, if you are not in power, not let anyone work

Helez: They want to endanger the state because of individuals. Avaz

Alen Bajramović

Candidate for the position of BiH defense minister Zukan Helez said in an interview for "Avaz", commenting on the increasingly open announcements of the SDA that they will prevent changes with the rebellion of people, that he does not consider it realistic.

Young people are leaving

He reminds that the parties of the Eight or the pro-European bloc have the majority and calls on SDA deputies to vote for good proposals, which there will certainly be.

- You know how it was for us in the past four, eight, well, if you want, even 30 years, when the coalitions were led by those who are now announcing protests because they are going to be opposition. I don't know who these people are who would go out into the street, because our young people, as well as the middle-aged, are leaving the country en masse. Why would they defend such a way of working, it is suicide. Those who announce protests can help those of us who have the majority to form a government quite legally and legitimately. You cannot be a patriot only if you are a minister or director. If you're not in power, you can't block anyone to work - Helez points out.

Attack on the USA

He considers the increasingly fierce attacks on proven friends - the USA, as a key ally, but also Great Britain and the EU - shameful, while he considers announcements of protests dangerous.

- If we see that the goal is to endanger the state because of individuals who sit in associations for years, live well for 20 or 30 years, and everyone else has nothing from it, that will be a challenge that we need to solve. I promise that we will certainly not sit idly by, as was done in 2014, when the Presidency and other institutions were set on fire. We cannot allow that, because it is not patriots who do it, but traitors - concludes Helez.

What does Bakir want

SDA President Bakir Izetbegović repeats in every interview that SDA is a "basic patriotic party", trying to mobilize patriots to defend the outgoing government, which, hand to heart, did not make the country better and more advanced, the country they defended with their blood.

- This quasi-patriotism is pointed out by someone who does not have good intentions. In 1992, no one asked us who was which party. We stood up, organized ourselves because we got a little from the state - says Helez.

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