Who allowed Brajković to buy state land

"Palace Investments" does not have a building permit for the construction of skyscrapers

Construction stopped again. Avaz

A. Čengić

The construction of the controversial parking lot behind the "Alta" shopping center in Marindvor continued in mid-January, and the construction of a 22-story skyscraper is planned for that area. However, there are no workers on the construction site for days. The board on which the investor, designer and contractor were listed was also removed.

Izvođač radova je firma "Mevludin Commerc", a investitor je "Palace Investments".

Construction of a parking lot

Although the company "Palace Investments", behind which stands Tihomir Brajković, does not have a construction permit for the construction of a 22-story skyscraper in Marindvor, they received a permit for the construction of a parking lot from the Ministry of Transport of the SC.

It is disputed how Brajković got the land in Marindvor. On several occasions, the Municipality of Centar and the Institute for Construction of the Canton of Sarajevo denied that they had sold the land to "Palace Investments".

However, in March 2020, the representative in the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, Igor Stojanović, requested information from the SC Construction Institute about the sold land, which is owned by the Institute.

The representative's question was answered by Mirza Hulusić, the former director of the Institute for Construction of SC. Among the plots listed, this one in Marindvor is mentioned.

Plot value

- Sales contract number OPU-IP 1053/2019 for the design of plot A3 in Marindvor concluded with the company "Palace investments" d.o.o. Sarajevo, signed by director Mirza Hulusić, plot area 1,539 square meters, price 1,800 KM per square meter, according to the Centar Municipality Valuation Commission - stated Hulusić in the answer.

The document was signed by Hulusić. Avaz

The land was sold without bidding or public invitation. The total value of the land sold is almost 2.8 million KM.

No answer

We asked the Construction Institute for information about the plan to build a 22-story skyscraper and how Hulusić gave permission to the company "Palace Investments" without the approval of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, but we did not receive any answers.

In response to another inquiry about the works in Marindvor, they gave a terse explanation, that is, that they do not have data on the issuance of building permits, as well as on previous inspections.