New convocation of the Council of Ministers was appointed: A new shock for Bakir

Krišto appointed Tegeltija and Helez as her deputies

New Council of Ministers. N. Avdagić

Sedin Spahić

At today's session of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the appointment of ministers to the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, their deputies and the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borjana Krišto, was confirmed.

23 representatives in this chamber voted to confirm the appointment, and 19 voted against it.

The Minister of Finance will be Zoran Tegeltija (SNSD), the Minister of Transport and Communications Edin Forto (Naša stranka), the Minister of Foreign Affairs Elmedin Konaković (Narod i pravda), the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Staša Košarac (SNSD), the Minister of Security Nenad Nešić (DNS), Minister of Justice Davor Bunoza (HDZ BiH), Minister of Civil Affairs Dubravka Bošnjak (HDZ BiH), Minister of Defense Zukan Helez and Minister for Human Rights and Refugees Sevlid Hurtić (BH Zeleni-Pokret za državu).

The future deputy ministers are Josip Brkić, Muhamed Hasanović, Ljiljana Lovrić, Elvir Mahmuzić, Ognjen Janjić, Marijana Mojić, Ivica Bošnjak, Aleksandar Goganović and Slaven Galić and Duška Jurišić.

Krišto appointed Zoran Tegeltija and Zukan Helez as her deputies.

SDA in the opposition

This confirmed the formation of the state government without the Party of Democratic Action (SDA). This party could thus be left without numerous directorial and intelligence functions, functions in agencies, without the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the state budget, which amounts to more than one billion KM.

Before the vote, Borjana Krišto read the Decision on the Appointment of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Representative Milan Dunović (DF) said that the conditions for the confirmation of the Council of Ministers have not been met today because, as he claims, the security check has not been fully implemented.

Mladen Bosić (SDS) said that he does not expect any changes because the two parties that used to be the backbone (op.cit. SNSD and HDZ) still remain in power.

- You have in the Council of Ministers a man who was the head of the previous Council of Ministers (op. cit. Zoran Tegeltija), which has the worst results since the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement. Previously, he took care of finances in the RS during the time when three, at that time, large banks failed - said Bosić.

Candidate competencies

Šemsudin Mehmedović (SDA) also criticized security checks.

- The lack of competence of the candidates for the Council of Ministers can be observed. We received biographies full of diplomas from wild faculties from Novi Sad, Pale and others in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will alert you on every process you make a mistake. I call on principled colleagues not to support this Council of Ministers, because it can cause institutional damage to BiH, and then there is no going back - said Mehmedović.

He accused the Eight that the demands of Belgrade and Zagreb were met, but none of the Bosniaks.

Representatives Vujičić (SNSD), Petković (US) and Borenović (PDP) criticized Mehmedović's statement about the BiH Council of Ministers.

Zlatko Miletić (Za nove generacije) criticized the low representation of women in the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also said that he does not believe in SIPA checks, especially because of Nenad Nešić, and he also recalled the burning of cars of people connected to DNS in East Sarajevo. Miletić said that he will not support this Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Midhat Čaušević (SDA) criticized the fact that there were changes for the deputy chairman, so at the last minute Zukan Helez was proposed instead of Elmedin Konaković. He also reminded that Helez was accused of giving a false testimony. Čaušević said that four ministers have criminal files.

Disputed choice of Nešić

Miroslav Vujičić said that he was not satisfied with the choice of Nenad Nešić. He says that he is the proposal of a wider coalition, not SNSD, and that it is likely that DNS proposed Nešić as the best. He ordered that the ministers be voted on individually in order to vote against the appointment of Nešić, but that he cannot vote against his colleagues.

- I would suggest to all ministers that in their work they should not deal with big topics that bother any of the three peoples, but to deal with issues that are in the interest of all peoples and to be guided by compromise - said Vujičić.

Darko Babalj (SDS) also criticized the election of Nenad Nešić and said that he would not support this Council of Ministers and announced that he would remind everyone of what they said, and did not fulfill.

- You have the statement of his colleague from the same constituency, Vujičić, who says that he does not agree with the election of Vujičić. Is this normal in the kind of society we live in? We have a reality show circus of daily political statements, I would need two days to list what they said about each other - said Babalj.