"Avaz" reveals: These are the names of those arrested in the SIPA action "Konak"

SIPA also searched the premises of Ivica Sablja and Đorđe Kusmuk, but they were not arrested, although they are under investigation by the Prosecution

M. Aščić

Raković: Arrested this morning

Foto: Avaz

Members of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) entered the premises of the B&H Border Police in Sarajevo this morning.

Three people were arrested on suspicion of corrupt activities during the admission of cadets. The arrests were made on the order of the Prosecutor's Office of B&H.

"Avaz" finds out that border police officers Rejhan Raković and Ensar Salčinović were arrested. Raković was a member of the Commission from the Border Police for the admission of cadets. Apart from Raković and Salčinović, a mediator - civilian Kenit Čakić - was also arrested.

SIPA also searched the premises of Ivica Sablja and Đorđe Kusmuk, but they were not arrested.

Lamija Avdić, a civil servant who was allegedly in Raković's company, was also searched.

- The suspects are charged with abuse of office, receiving gifts and other forms of benefit, receiving a reward for trading in influence - said Jelena Miovčić, spokeswoman for SIPA.

The report, which was sent to the directors of police agencies and judicial institutions, states that the cadets were asked for between 15,000 and 20,000 marks for admission.

Today, SIPA conducted a search in the Ministry of Security of B&H.

According to the information that Avaz has, SIPA members are holding talks with members of the Commission for the Admission of Cadets proposed by the Ministry of Security. These are Ermin Pešto and Jelena Savić.


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