Radončić: Komšić adds fuel to Dodik

Komšić certainly does not help Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albanians, or Bosniaks, who elect him, or Croats from BiH, who do not recognize him as their representative

Radončić: Željko Komšić's populist decision to visit Kosovo. Avaz

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The President of the Alliance for a Better Future (Savez za bolju budućnost SBB), Fahrudin Radončić, posted a status on his social media commenting on the decision of BiH Presidency member Željko Komšić to visit Kosovo, which our country has not recognized. Radončić cites details from his professional biography related to Kosovo and the retroactive courage of individuals.

You can read his post below:

- As a journalist of the famous Zagreb weekly "Danas" in the period from 1988 until the siege of Sarajevo and engagement in the Army of RBiH in 1992, I published more than a hundred reports, interviews and analysis about how the police and army of Balkan executioner Slobodan Milošević torture Albanians in Kosovo.

Also, I was the only journalist in the world who managed to publish an interview with Azem Vlasi, from a difficult prison in which he was imprisoned for a year personally by war criminal Milošević.

Due to articles such as "Kosovo Avenue of Death" and the like, I was the subject of numerous KOS and police escorts, processing and lawsuits in the former Yugoslavia.

In addition, unforgivable for the then Belgrade, in 1990 I published a bestseller - a biography (published by "Danas", the book was printed in Venice, because no one was allowed to do so in the former Yugoslavia) about the then most famous European prisoner Adem Demaći.

Priština, year 1990: Adem Demaći and Fahrudin Radončić, to whom the most famous European prisoner tells his past. Facebook

The title of the book is "10,000 days in prison", after which a film was later made, and the book was created by Demaći reading my texts in prison and asking the editors specifically for me to write a book about him.

It was printed in an incredible 100,000 copies, and the selling price per piece was 29 German marks.

It is about an Albanian who spent as many as 30 (thirty!) years in Tito's prisons fighting for the Republic of Kosovo.

I still gladly lend a rare copy of that book to important people to read.

Still, why am I writing all this?

Only because of the really populist decision of Željko Komšić to visit Kosovo.

Book "10,000 days in prison". Facebook

Just because, while at a time when many were cowardly silent, I bravely and lonely reported from the scene about how the unfortunate Albanian people are being terrorized, kept under curfew for months, about killings of children and students, today some would like to be retroactive heroes and to cheaply collect the votes of Bosniaks pre-election.

As the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, although I had invitations from my distinguished friends from Kosovo, I never thought about going on a private visit, respecting the fact that our country has not recognized Kosovo.

We did all, even police cooperation, exclusively with the help of international mediators.

By deciding to visit Kosovo, Željko Komšić, as a member of the BiH Presidency, is not helping anyone. The official policy of a state is binding on every one of its officials - no matter what we personally think about it - and especially on the head of that state!

In addition, there is no real chance that due to the specific internal procedures and veto rights of Serbian politicians, our country will soon recognize Kosovo.

Who is Komšić helping then?

Well, maybe himself and Milorad Dodik, to whom he is adding fuel for his secessionist policy in this way.

Komsic certainly does not help Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albanians, or Bosniaks, who elect him, or Croats from BiH, who do not recognize him as their representative.

I think that with my biography from 30 years ago related to the people of Kosovo, I can and must really say that to Komšić publicly.

Fahrudin Radončić's post. Printscreen