By the decision of the highest court instance: Keljmendi legally acquitted of all charges

As of today, there are no criminal proceedings against Keljmendi in Kosovo, nor can he be called a drug dealer anymore, said lawyer Beriša

Keljmendi: Legally acquitted of all charges. Facebook

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According to the second-instance and final verdict, Naser Keljmendi was acquitted of all charges for organized crime and for the murder of wartime Sarajevo commander Ramiz Delalić Ćela.

This information was confirmed for the portal "Avaz" by his lawyer Besnik Beriša.

- The appellate court issued a verdict confirming that Mr. Keljmendi was acquitted of all charges, and as of today, no criminal proceedings are being conducted against him in Kosovo, nor can he be called a drug dealer, as was the case until now.

Two instances of the court in Kosovo, including the International Court composed of the majority of foreign judges, confirmed that the accusations of Šejla Turković and Zijad Turković, which were made by corrupt prosecutors, were completely false.

Beriša: Finally, justice won. Facebook

So yes, Mr. Keljmendi is finally free even though the process took a long time. He spent ten years together with me fighting against injustice, but finally justice won - Berisha told us.