Police Commissioner Nusret Selimović for "Avaz": They won't break my back!

I will not allow anyone to attack my dignity, my name and my honor with anything, and in this case I am afraid that it is going in that direction

Selimović: Let those who directed all this think together. A. Ovčina

Amila Ovčina

Nusret Selimović submitted yesterday to Minister Admir Katica and v. d. Prime Minister Darja Softić-Kadenić's resignation from the position of police commissioner of the SC MUP.

As we remind you, he was subjected to the worst kind of pressure for months because certain structures clearly did not like his courage and determination to persevere in the intention of discovering the members of the mafia who used Sky.

Moral act

Selimović will remain in this position until the KS Government appoints an acting commissioner. But the question is whether the resignation will be accepted.

In an exclusive interview for "Avaz", Selimović explained the reasons for his resignation.

- I will not allow anyone to impute anything that does not belong to me. I will not allow anyone to attack my dignity, name and honor with anything, and in this case I am afraid that it is going exactly in that direction. This is a moral act, first of all. My conscience is completely clear and calm and I leave with my head held high, my spine straight and clear name - he said.

For months, Selimović has been told that there are not enough employed police officers, that they don't have the equipment... But the positive aspects, such as the exposure of the Sky mafia, have been totally ignored.

- Unfortunately, these are the facts. That is the bitter truth. Among those who should see and notice objectively the results of our work, and to some extent appreciate it and give support to our future work, obviously, for reasons known to them, they do not want it. Likewise, what is pointed out to be the subject of interest is not the product of indolence, ignorance and lack of effort on the part of either the Police Administration or the Police Commissioner. Unfortunately, why this is so, we can only guess. But, as professionals, we will stick to the facts - said Selimović.

He claims that the public should judge what it is about.

Detailed report

- Our work against persons who belong to the milieu of serious organized crime with an international character cannot and must not be on the back burner. They cannot help but be interested in the fact that for more than a hundred people, documentation has been submitted to the State Prosecutor's Office in the form of official reports on crimes committed, or analyzes that indicate the commission of serious crimes in the field of organized crime, drug trafficking, weapons, extortion, blackmail, preparation of executions, money laundering. They cannot be uninterested in the fight against corruption in their own ranks, the fight against corruption in general because, if they were interested in it, they would like to receive reports on it, as far as is legally possible, without jeopardizing the investigations, and they would provide full support for the work of the Police Administration - stressed Selimović.

Also, as he said, they are clearly not interested in a serious reduction in the total number of criminal offenses in the area of SC.

- Because, I emphasize, it is a serious figure. The total number of reported crimes in the SC area decreased by 16 percent. Rarely any agency in this country, and perhaps beyond, can boast of that result. Someone cannot be uninterested in the complete neutralization of the automafia. And you ask me if I felt pressured by the information that came in advance that a negative annual assessment for my work in 2022 would be made. I heard that too. However, in these circumstances, you cannot receive such information positively - said Selimović.

Their own ranks

Commenting on the results of the work of the Police Administration, Selimović said that they had significantly succeeded in cleaning their ranks of corrupt individuals.

Nusret Selimović: We have done a lot. MUP SC

- As many as 42 police officers were suspended due to violations of their official duties, while a number of police officers were ordered to terminate their employment, as a result of the confirmation of indictments by the competent courts due to the well-founded suspicion that they had committed criminal acts of a corrupt nature. Termination of employment for these police officers followed the implementation of appropriate procedures based on the Law on the Protection of Secret Data - said Selimović.

Enormous pressure

- As a professional, I will not allow anyone, anyone in this world, to impute things that do not belong to me, completely undeservedly. If they don't want to see the results of the work that we did with enormous difficulties, pressures and problems, I can't change that. But I can not allow myself to be slandered and wallow in the mud, or to be imputed to me for things that I am neither responsible for nor did I initiate - Selimović added.

The right to retire

Speaking about plans for the future, Selimović said:

- I cannot predict how the SC Government will determine itself according to this. I have never shied away from responsibility, because I have been carrying the burden of responsibility for a long time. I'm not running away this time either. I'm a legalist. We'll see, so we don't prejudge things, whatever the Government decides about my position, I will respect it. If it is a continuation of the work, it will be at full intensity, as it has been so far. I didn't think about any of my further plans.

"Dženan Memić" case

- The police is carrying out intensive investigative measures in the case of the murder of Dženan Memić, which have already resulted in significant developments in the investigation. These activities will be intensively continued until the final resolution of the criminal act in question - said Nusret Selimović.